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96/48 well plate Elisa Microplate Reader
  • 96/48 well plate Elisa Microplate Reader
96/48 well plate Elisa Microplate Reader

96/48 well plate Elisa Microplate Reader

Model: CNME030503


It is controlled by computer to complete Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay(ELISA). Read 48 well and 96 well microplate, analyse and report, which are widely used in clinical diagnostic laboratories, centers for disease control and prevention, animal and plant quarantime, animal husbandry and veterinary epidemic prevention stations, biotechnological industries, food industries,environmental science, agricultural scientific reseach and other academic organizations.


Built in computer, 8" touch screen, edit, test, save, print efficiently and conveniently

8 channels zero dispersion monochromatic optical fiber testing system, automatic well center positioning.

High-precision rail transmissions, enclosing optical system, test 96 wells in 3 seconds.

System self-check and diagnosis function for optical paths and mechanical parts.

Lamp's automatic switch, energy-efficient design can extend the life of light source and make easy to change lamp.

Shaking function, adjustable shaking speed and time.

New Windows graphical user interface, operation system in English.

Specimen information records: lists and cards, directly input specimen No., Patient Name, etc.

Specimen No., OD value, result, S/CO value and item parameters can be shown in the same screen.

Quick tagging blank, specimen, positive control, quality control, multi-valued comparison.

Arrange 96 well microplate horizontally or longitudinally, set up optionally the start bit and stop bit in testing, autocoding.

Suitable for self contrast, rows and columns subtraction, input judgment formula freely.

Qualitative and quantitive parameters, the storage standard curve can be used directly.

Multi-item can be tested on one microplate No. or specimen No., input experimental items and results in batches.

Inquiry and statistics analysis can be done according to the specimen No. and name, automatically track and analyse changing trends in data.

Test data can be saved in MS Excel for further analysis.

Product Name: 96/48 well plate Elisa Microplate Reader
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