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Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer Machine
  • Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer Machine
Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer Machine

Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer Machine

Model: CNME030301

System Requirements: 

• PC: 1 GHz processor, Pentium 3, RAM: 256 MB

• Monitor: 15” color

• AGP-video display card with at least 16 MB of RAM memory

• Video color: At least 16 bit(65,535)

• CD ROM drive

• 10 MB free hard disk space for image capturing (approx. 10,000 clips)

• Video resolution: Minimum 640 x 480

• Operating system compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista

• Ports: One serial; two USB ports

• MS Excel/Word 

Performance Claims:


•Concentration: 85%

•% Motility: 80%

•% Normal Morphology (WHO 3rd): 65%

•Post vasectomy: 95% of motile cells detected


•Concentration: 90%

•% Motility: 85%

•% Normal Morphology (WHO 3rd): 85%

Correlation to Manual Method

•Concentration: 0.9

•% Motility: 0.85

•% Normal Morphology (WHO 3rd): 0.65 


• Runs fresh, frozen, washed and post-vasectomy samples

• Disposable testing capillary

• LIS interface option for data transfer

• PC compatible with export function 

• FDA and CE certified

• QC: Self-testing, self-calibrating. Runs latex beads or stabilized sperm

• Visualization system

• Import patient and control data 

• Save patients test results with video clips or still images attached 

• Save, view and graph patient and control test results 

 • View real time semen samples

• Optional language settings

• Normal ranges for testing parameters can be set by the user 

• Set up authorized users and automatically track user updates 

• Password/security 

Automated Test Results:

• Sperm Concentration

• % Motility expressed as total and a, b, c and d 

• Rapid Progressive Motility (a)

• Slow Progressive Motility (b)

• Non-progressive Motility (c)

·Motility (d)

• % Normal Morphology

• Motile Sperm Concentration

• Progressively Motile Sperm Concentration

• Functional Sperm Concentration

• Average Velocity

• Sperm Motility Index

Dynamic Range:

SampleSperm CONCMSCMotility
Fresh2-400 or <2M/ml0.2-400 or <0.2M/ml0-100%
Washed2-200 or <2M/ml0.2-400 or <0.2M/ml0-100%
FrozenNot reported0.2-400 or <0.2M/mlNot reported
Post vasectomyManual Input0-30 Sperm/ScanNot reported

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