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Best selling ELISA Microplate Washer
  • Best selling ELISA Microplate Washer
Best selling ELISA Microplate Washer

Best selling ELISA Microplate Washer

Model: CNME030506


1.3.5’’ LCD display with back light.

2.Multi-plate can be selected by default settings or manual operation.

3.Detachable microplate holder, easy to disinfect and maintain.

4.Special rinse procedure, easy to maintain the device and reduces contamination.

5.The control technology for pump pressure can avoid clogging in needles.

6.Automatic rinse procedure by distilled water.

7.Waste water sensor avoids overflow in the waste bottle.

Technical Specification:

Plate Model: Flat-, Round-, U-, V-plate (96-well and 48-well)

Manifold Types: 8- and 12- way

Wash Time: 1 to 99 times adjustable

Wash Lines: 1~12 lines selectable

Residual Volume: <0.7 μl/well

Wash Mode: Plates or strips

Dispensing Uniformity: CV<1.5%

Dispensing: 50~950 μl, interval 50 μl adjustable. (May extend to 0-6000 μl, interval 25 μl adjustable.)

Number of Dispensing Channels: 3 channels

Soaking and Shaking Time: 0~999(seconds/minutes/hours) adjustable

Aspiration Time: 0.1~9.9 seconds adjustable, interval 0.1 second

Pipeline Wash Time: 0~240 seconds adjustable

Distilled Water Automatically Wash Interval: 0~20 plates

Power Supply: AC 110/220V±10%, 60/50Hz

Package Size (W*D*H): 640*468*458mm

Gross Weight: 13kg

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