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fully automated chemistry analyzer
  • fully automated chemistry analyzer
fully automated chemistry analyzer

fully automated chemistry analyzer

Model: CNME030405-1

General Features:
-New concept and more friendly software
-New techniques and spare parts used for much better quality and function.
-Automatic washing station for both sample and reagent probe.
-Liquid level detection and collision protection for both sample and reagent probe.
-Reliable cooling system for reagent chamber.
-Powerful reaction cuvette washing system.
-ISE module and barcode scanner (optional).
-Lower waste and more environment friendly.
-New concept test control system available (on request).

Technical Specification:

Assay Model: Random access with direct reading system

Method: End point, Kinetic, Fixed time, Immunoturbidimetry, 1-2 reagent, Multistandard, reagent/serum blank, etc

Assay Item: 40 assay

                    ISE mould (Na+ , K+ , Cl- /Li+) available on request

Throughput: 1 Reagent: 240 tests/h(max)

                     2 Reagent: 150 tests/h

                     With ISE: +120 tests/h


                   D.BILI ALP/AKP TG CL APOB CREA

                   TP UREA CK P CK-MB Mg

                   ALB CREA LDH C ASO AFU

                   Lactic Acid ALT/GPT UA α-HBDH CO2 FMN

                   LP(a) AST/GOT GLU AMY LDL-C HDL-C


 Fe Cu Zn C3 C4 LGG

 LGM LGA and drug, toxicity, etc

Sample position: 60

 Including standard, control and stat; either serum cup or primary tube available

Sample Volume: 1~100ul, 0.1ul/step

Reagent Position: 40 or 80(optional)

Reagent Volume: R1:1~400ul, 1ul/step, R2: 1~400ul, 1ul/step

Reagent/Sample probe: With liquid level sensor, collision sensor, Teflon coating and automatic washing station.

Reaction Time: 0~999 seconds

Cuvette Washing High quality uv-transmitted plastic cuvette. Quartz glass cuvettes available on request.

Cuvette Washing: 8 channels automatic washing system for reaction cuvettes

Probe and Mixer Washing: Independent washing station for each sample/reagent probe and mixer

Alarm: Automatic alarm for malfunction (eg: collision, reagent/sample insufficiency, full waste container, etc)

Calibration: Liner, Non-liner, Multi standard, K factor

Sample Dilution/Retest: Sample can be diluted and retested if results are out of range or sample is insufficient. Also with calibrator auto diluting function

Wavelength: 340~810nm

Light Source: Halogen lamp

Absorbance Resolution: 0.0001A

Absorbance Accuracy: ±0.0003A(0~2.5A)

Repeatability (CV%): ≤2%

Quality Control: Levy Jennings quality control program at 3 levels

Bar Code: Optional

Printer: Multiple report formats available

Test Control Function: New card control system available on request

Language: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, etc

System: Windows XP or Vista; Windows 7

Power Supply: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz (optional)

Dimension: 85*72*53(cm)

Weight: 85kg

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Product Name: fully automated chemistry analyzer
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