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hospital medical fully automatic biochemistry analyzer
  • hospital medical fully automatic biochemistry analyzer
hospital medical fully automatic biochemistry analyzer

hospital medical fully automatic biochemistry analyzer

Model: CNME030406


-New conception, user-friendly software, more functional, efficient and convenient.

-Smart warning and easy to correct function.

-Reaction curve displaying on line and storing helps results analysis.

-Levy Jennings quality control program at multi-level.

-Automatic high precision water-bath technology to ensure the temp. keeps at 37±0.1°C immediately and constantly.

-Water-bath system.

-Complete Instrument-Reagent-Control/Calibrator system guarantees traceability and reliability of all results.

-ISE module is optional, test various ion items at the same time with accurate results and stable performance.

-Advanced high sensitive test technology

-High quality plastic cuvette (quartz glass cuvette available on request).

-High resolution concave grating system, wavelength range 340-800nm, multi-wavelength polychromatic assay at same time.

-Eight channels washing station for each cuvette cleaning, automatic record and deduct cuvette blank value. Heavy washing function available for “dirt cuvette” to ensure each cuvette perfectly clean.

High accuracy diluter, advanced sealed and connecting technology to guarantee accurate sampling.

-Two separate reagent chambers with independent refrigerator.

-Internal and external nano treated probe effectively reduce probe residual and carry over.

Technical Specification:

Assay types: Random access

Throughput: 760 T/HR (include ISE)

                     600 T/HR (biochemical test only)

Analytical methods: End point, Kinetic(Rate), Fixed time, Single standard, Multi-standard, Single wavelength assay, Bichromatic, Bi-reagent assay, Serum blank assay, Immunoturbidimetric assay and ISE assay(K/Na/Ca/Cl/PH)

Sample Capacity: 1*100 primary tube or micro serum cup

Sample/reagent probe: With liquid level sensor, automatically checking and tracking reagent allowance ability, internal and external Nano treated, stereoscopic collision protection, plugging probe checking ability

Sample volume: 1.0-100ul in 0.1ul/step

Reagent volume: 1-500ul in 0.1ul/step

Reagent tray: 2 reagent trays, barcode scanner available (on request), R3/R4 assay models available

Reagent refrigerator: 2-8℃, 24 HRs available

Reading Cuvette: 160 cuvettes, made of ultraviolet transmittable plastic (or quartz glass cuvettes available on request)

Reaction volume: Minimum 120ul

Reaction disc temp: Water bath system, 37 ± 0.1℃, (air bath on request)

Cuvette cleaning: Automatically warm water washing station with 8 channels, blank reading for ensuring each cuvette well cleaned before using. Smart detergent clean for high contamination cuvette and probe, efficiently decreasing carry-over

Carry-over: Less than 0.05%

Monochromator: Concave grating

Wavelength range: 340-810nm

Mixer: 2 Nano-surface treated mixing probers, with automatic warm water washing station for each one

Quality control: Multi-level QC for the same item automatically monitoring and alarming if the results out of control

Assay Linearity range: Wide linearity range measuring, also with automatically diluting function for high value sample

Calibration: Single or multi-points calibration, supporting linear and nonlinear assay

Data processing: Powerful software for calculating, blanking, multi-analysis, data reviewing, QC and results management, on line monitoring, editing etc.

Power supply: AC 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz

Dimensions: 1200mm*900mm*1100mm

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