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Medical Equipment Automatic Sperm Quality Analyzer
  • Medical Equipment Automatic Sperm Quality Analyzer
Medical Equipment Automatic Sperm Quality Analyzer

Medical Equipment Automatic Sperm Quality Analyzer

Model: CNME030302

Standard configuration:

Mainframe computer with 19 inch display 1set

Sperm counting chamber 1pc

English software 1set

Sperm special microscope 1set

≥ 600TVL CCD camera 1set

Medical cart 1set

HP inkjet color printer 1set

English user manual 1pc.


Temperature control unit

Laser color printer

Olympus microscope

Ruby sperm counting chamber.

Technical parameters:

1) the number of pieces of image acquisition 1-100 pieces.

2) the field of view of each of the collection analysis time 1-10 seconds.

3) range detection rate of 0-240μm / s.

4) the field of the selected field 1-30.

5) the measured maximum number of sperm per 1000, error ± 2%.

6) sperm density detection range of 0-300 million / ml without dilution.

7) for a microscope objective magnification 10X.20X.40X.100X.

8) sperm detection system display.

a, sperm static distribution.

b, sperm dynamics trajectories.

c, semen characteristics and various data. the main performance analysis of statistical data.

d, display a variety of sperm velocity and dynamic histogram classification figure.

e, name of patient information, such as case management.

9) according to WHO standard test data using sperm count plate (thickness 10um).

10) can detect the movement of sperm 26 indicators and can track the trajectory of sperm are described, color trajectory (red, blue two tracking trajectories).

11) can be analyzed sperm motility overlay.

12) can be dynamically learn sperm statistical analysis and medical records, analysis of dynamic parameters with a, b, c, d level analysis.

13) can be carried out statistical analysis of sperm morphology and medical records, with the virtual grid power energy, preparing the fourth edition of WHO morphology software reference the latest standards, sperm deformity rate can be calculated. And conduct deformity classification. 

14) microscopic observation, image acquisition and data analysis: can detect sperm density, vitality and significantly

Static maps showing the sperm, the sperm dynamic trajectories, etc., and the major data sperm analysis.


Real-time dynamic display, digital capture, dynamic movie playback 

Visualization of real-time image processing functions: pseudo-color, scaling, mirroring, interception. 

Provide accurate measurements annotation: perimeter, area, histogram. 

Wealth of diagnostic information database, providing powerful expert diagnosis thesaurus and pictures. 

Professional case management system: query, statistics, delete, backup. 

Professional full-screen display, diagnosis is more clear, accurate, intuitive, easy multiplayer consultation, teaching. 

Support network transmission function can be set up PACS systems. 

Read DICOM image format files.

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