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10.4 Inch LCD Anesthesia Machine
  • 10.4 Inch LCD Anesthesia Machine
  • 10.4 Inch LCD Anesthesia Machine
10.4 Inch LCD Anesthesia Machine 10.4 Inch LCD Anesthesia Machine

10.4 Inch LCD Anesthesia Machine

Model: CNME010303


10.4 inch touch screen with no dead space.

NEW interface design with user friendly layout and color assortment.

Day/Night display mode brings a better visual perception to users. Night mode suitable for dark environment.

To display a full range of ventilation modes including VCV, PCV, SIMV-VC, SIMV-PC, PSV(OPTIONAL ) . Also displays pressure, flow rate, volume and C02 waveform in same interface.

Real-time detection for loops, airway pressure, flow rate, volume, compliance and airway resistance.

Comprehensive monitoring capabilities include ventilation parameters monitoring, preset parameters, alarm indication and breathing waveform monitoring.   

Integrated Breathing Circuit

Low essential resistance, good mechanical compliance.

Built-in design duo flow sensor (no maintenance required).

2.4L large volume of CO2 canister.

Autoclave 134.

Technical Specification:

Pipeline supply:

Gas configuration: O2, N2O, Air

Pipeline input range: 280-600kPa(40~85psi)

Pre-setting functions:

Language: English

Calibration: Automatic


Type: Integrated, Electronic control

Range: OFF, 0-30cmH2O

Optional features:

ACGO: Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet

Yoke system (Pin-index): Support 11L cylinder, O2/N2O

AGSS: Anesthesia Gas Scavenging Systems

Modes of Ventilation:

VCV: Volume controlled ventilation

SIMV: Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation

SIPPV: Synchronized Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation

PCV: Pressure control ventilation

PSV: Pressure support ventilation(OPTIONAL)

Ventilator parameter:

Working type: Electronically controlled, pneumatic driven

Tidal Volume range: 10-1500ml

Pressure range: 5-80 mbar

Respiration Rate Range: 1-99bpm (1-40bpm under SIMV)

I: E Range:  4:1-1:10

Trigger Range: -20-20cmH2O

Minute volume range: >18L/Min

SIGH range: 0-5/100

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