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7 Inch LCD Screen Anesthesia Machine
  • 7 Inch LCD Screen Anesthesia Machine
7 Inch LCD Screen Anesthesia Machine

7 Inch LCD Screen Anesthesia Machine

Model: CNME010305

Applied for closed, semi-closed inhalation anesthesia controlled and assisted ventilation


v  Integrated breathing circuit with APL valve, excellent tightness.

v  Support adult and pediatric in the clinical application of anesthesia

v  Replacing drive bellow is not required when operating Adult/pediatric anesthesia.

v  7 inch screen with no dead space.

v  Applied with 1 high-precision (selectable).

v  Real-time detection for loops, Paw, BPM, VT and compliance.

v  Comprehensive monitoring capabilities include ventilation parameters monitoring, preset parameters, alarm indication and breathing waveform monitoring.

v  ACGO available to connect with T/Bain circuit for open operation

v  Yoko system with up to 3 back up cylinders (A type with 11L size)

Technical Specification:

Modes of Ventilation

IPPV: Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation   

SIMV: Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation

SIPPV (A/C): Synchronized Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilatio

Ventilator parameterWorking type: Electronically controlled, pneumatic driven

Tidal Volume range: 40-1500ml

Pressure range: 5-80 mbar

Respiration Rate Range: 1-99bpm (1-40bpm under SIMV)

I: E Range: 4:1-1:8

Trigger Range: -20-20cmH2O

Minute volume range: >18L/Min

SIGH range: 0-5/100

System StandardHypoxic guard system: N2O cut-off valve, O2 concentration >25%

Safety valve: <12.5kPa

Fresh gas compensation: 25-75L/Min

Flow meter: 4 tubes, cascade 0-15L/min O2, 

0-15L/min N2O

Volume of CO2 absorber: 2L

Vaporizer: 1 Selectable, maximum 2 mounts (Isoflurane/ Enflurane/ Sevoflurane/       Halothane)

Pipeline supply

Gas configuration: O2, N2O

Pipeline input range: 280-600kPa

Battery PowerBattery Type: Lead-acid 12V, 4Ah

Run-time: Typical 30 mins+, up to 2 hours

Pre-setting functionsLanguage: English

Calibration: Automatic



Suction Unit                          

Auxiliary O2 flowmeter

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