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Good Performance Anesthesia Machine with One Vaporizer
  • Good Performance Anesthesia Machine with One Vaporizer
Good Performance Anesthesia Machine with One Vaporizer

Good Performance Anesthesia Machine with One Vaporizer

Model: CNME010325

Trust Point:
Providing customers with high quality and cost-effective anesthesia machine.
We listen to our customers and integrate their insights in our machine development. Flexible configurations to suit customers' needs.
Countless feedback from customers give good reviews.
Advanced one button switch of manual provides convenient electronic controlling interchanges.
High precision flowmeter, instantly Know the fresh gas flow to your patient.
Integrated breathing circuit design, ensure easy operating and keep tidy.
Multiple working modes such as volume control and pressure limit, adapt to wide range patient.
Vaporizer with temperature, pressure, flow compensation and self-lock function, keep safety anytime.
Real time pressure-time, flow-time loop oscillogram and high precision O2 concentration detection function included.

7" screen displays information area, alarm area, monitoring area and setting area.
2-3 hours built in backup battery,
Intelligent three level alarming system with 14 alarm, visual and sound alarm information.
2 oscillograms: P-T, V-T
Pressure gauge
Pressure gauge shows pressure of centre gas system or gas cylinder.
1500mL can applied to different patients.
Volume of absorber: 1.5L
Integrated design makes installation easily.
Oxygen sensor
Oxygen sensor makes sure accurate parameters.
4 castors with 2 individual brakes.
One or dual-position
Choice: Halothane, Enflurane, lsoflurane, Sevoflurane
1 set vaporizer for standard, max 2 sets,
Mechanical flowmeter
5 Mechanical flowmeters: O2, Air, NO.
Fine control: 0.1-1 L/min
Coarse control: 1-10 L/min
ACGO and fast oxygen supply
Emergency situation and revival after operation.
Gas gauge for gas cylinders
Vital sign monitor, anaesthetic gas monitor
Hand held ETCO2 monitor or Vial sign monitor with ETCO2
3 Yokes


Ventilation modeIPPV, A/C, SIMV, SIGH, MANUAL
Ventilator parameter range Flowmeter: O2(0.1~10L/min)
Rapid oxygen supply: 25L/min~75L/min
Tidal volume(Vt): 0, 20ml~1500ml
Frequence (Freq): 1/min~100/min
I:E: 2:1~1:6
PEEP: 0 cmH2O~30 cmH2O
Pressure triggering sensitivity (PTr): -20 cmH2O~0 cmH2O(Based on PEEP)
Flow trigger sensitivity (FTr): 0.5 L/min ~ 30 L/min
Pressure control(PC): 5cmH2O~60cmH2O
SIGH: 0(off) 1/100 ~ 5/100
Apnea ventilation: OFF, 5s~60s
Pressure limit: 20 cmH2O~100 cmH2O
Monitoring parameter Frequence (Freq): 0/min~100/min
Tidal volume(Vt): 0mL~2000mL
MV: 0L/min~100L/min
Oxygen concentration: 15%~100%
OscillogramP-T (pressure - time)
V-T (volume- time)
Alarm and protectionThe AC power failure alarm: Power failure or no connection
Internal battery backup low voltage alarm: < 11.3±0.3 V
No tidal volume: ≤5 ml within 6s
High oxygen concentration alarm: 19% ~ 100%
Low oxygen concentration alarm: 18% ~ 99%
High airway pressure alarm: 20 cmH2O~100 cmH2O
Low airway pressure alarm: 0 cmH2O~20 cmH2O
High minute volume alarm: Adult (5 L/min -20 L/min)
Low minute volume alarm: Paed (1 L/min -15 L/min, 0-10 L/min)
Continuous pressure alarm: (PEEP+1.5kPa) over 16s
Suffocation warning: 5s-60s no spontaneous ventilation
The maximum limited pressure: <12.5 kPa
Fan error: Show on screen
Oxygen deficit: Show on screen
Working conditionGas source: O2, N2O, AIR
Pressure: 280kPa~600kPa
Voltage: 100~240V
Power frequency: 50/60Hz
Packing size Wooden case packing size: L810*1060*1540mm
G.W: 150KGS
N.W.: 96KGS
CBM: 1.33m²

Product Name: Good Performance Anesthesia Machine with One Vaporizer
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