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Medical hospital equipment Anesthesia Machine
  • Medical hospital equipment Anesthesia Machine
Medical hospital equipment Anesthesia Machine

Medical hospital equipment Anesthesia Machine

Model: CNME010301


·15 inch touch screen with no dead space which give users a clear vision for parameters and waveforms

·NEW interface design with user friendly layout and color assortment.

·Day/Night display mode brings a better visual perception. Night mode suitable for dark environment.

·Display a full range of ventilation modes including VCV, PCV, SIMV-VC, SIMV-PC, PSV. Also displays pressure, flow rate, volume and CO2 waveform in same interface.

·Real-time detection for loops, airway pressure, flow rate, volume, compliance and airway resistance.

·Electronic flowmeter (mechanical flowmeter also applied for safety issue).

·Typical display for Zoom in/out, comparison, freeze.

·Show last 24 HRs trends.

·Up to 1000 logs.

Integrated Breathing Circuit with patent anesthesia clinical design:

·Integrated breathing circuit with APL valve, excellent tightness and easy to use.

·Low internal resistance, good mechanical compliance.

·Replacing drive bellow is not required when operating pediatric anesthesia.

·Heated breathing circuit ensures no water trap in the system.

·Built-in design duo flow sensor (no maintenance required).

·2L large volume of CO2 canister.

·Autoclave 134 degree

High-precision Vaporizer:

·New vaporizer can be used for large flow anesthesia (up to 15L/Min).

·Apply automatic compensation function for temperature, pressure and flow. 

·Apply with Selectable. 

·Pouring type/quick-fill

·Isoflurane, Enflurane, Halothane, Sevoflurane


·International standard design (diameter: 22mm).

·Available for patients' oxygen inhalation and postoperative recovery.

·Available with T circuit or bain circuit for open operation.

Module plug in design:

·Plug in design available for monitoring SPO2, CO2, FiO2 and 5 AA (anesthetic gases module).

Communication Interface

·Used to connect with Hospital network, WLAN, Cloud storage and communicate with other medical equipments.

·Also used to upgrade equipment and upgrade port.


·Comprehensive monitoring capabilities include ventilation parameters monitoring, preset parameters, alarm indication and breathing waveform monitoring.

Yoke system:

·Allow back-up cylinder.

·3 gas sources support: O2, N2O, Air.

·Normally A-type 11L size in the emergency case


·Made by aluminum alloy. High strength, light weight, no rust at any time.

·Enhance the safety of the environment in which members of staff in close proximity with waste anesthetic gases and vapors (agents) work.

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