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Stainless Steel Electrosurgical Generator
  • Stainless Steel Electrosurgical Generator
Stainless Steel Electrosurgical Generator

Stainless Steel Electrosurgical Generator

Model: CNME011104

Technical Specification:

Main Frequency: 512KHZ

Power Supply: 110V/60HZ; 220V/50HZ

Weight: 8.00KG

Dimension: 34*16*47

High Frequency Leakage:

Monopolar: <150mA; Bipolar: <60mA

Technical Functions:

Intelligent Device System

The intuitive design and user-friendly set-up of the electrosurgical generator (diathermy) for us in the modern operating room, it features both Monopolar and bipolar functions to satisfy all the surgeries demands with safety, flexibility, reliability and convenience.

REM (Return Electrode Monitoring)

Return electrode contact quality monitoring system (REM). The REM system continually monitors patient impedance levels and deactivates the generator if a fault in the patient/return electrode contact is detected, which minimize the danger of.

Multilanguage Available:

Language options: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and etc

Application of Use

General Surgery; Gastroenterology Dermatology; Vascular Surgery; Obstetrics and Gynecology Heart/Thoracic Surgery; ORL/ENT; Minimally Invasive Surgery (MSI) Cerebral surgery Neurosurgery, Orthopedics & Plastic Surgery, Trans Urethral Resection (TUR) and etc.

Versatile system that is uniquely compatible with other, including:

Under water cut socket (Endo cut)

HV argon coagulation system

Optimum Smoke Evacuation System-Clean air in the operation theatre

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