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CNME-500 Ro water treatment system
  • CNME-500 Ro water treatment system
CNME-500 Ro water treatment system

CNME-500 Ro water treatment system

Product name :hemodialysis water production equipment

Product model: CNME-500

Equipment water rate of 500 L/H (25 ℃)

Produced water quality conforms to the AAMI/ASAIO dialysis water standards (2006 edition) and YY0572-2015 standard of dialysis water Conductivity < 5 u s.c m

Ion removal rate 99.5% or higher

Bacterial virus removal rate 99.8% or higher

Two-stage reverse osmosis system technology, secondary direct coupling, the secondary water production for straight

Automatic chemical disinfection disinfection way, automatic washing detergent

Film processing timing film flushing (can be set boot, shutdown flushing)

Operating pressure, 0.8 to 1.2 Mpa, the highest operating pressure 1.55 Mpa

System recovery 60-75%

The system total power constant power: 5 KW plus or minus 10%

Control mode PLC + LCD touch screen control, can be automatic or manual operation

Working environment temperature 5 to 40 ℃, relative humidity 80% or less

Work five wire power 380 v + 10% for three-phase frequency: 50 to 60 hz

Water for urban tap water, water flow or 1 t/H, acuity 0.15 Mpa water pressure

The host size 1400 * 900 * 1650 (L * W * H)

Covers an area of demands room area, 15 ㎡ or a floor drain and waterproof layer


Product Name: CNME-500 Ro water treatment system
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