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CNME040101 Hot Sales Supervising System Multifunction Hemodialysis Machine
  • CNME040101 Hot Sales Supervising System Multifunction Hemodialysis Machine
CNME040101 Hot Sales Supervising System Multifunction Hemodialysis Machine

CNME040101 Hot Sales Supervising System Multifunction Hemodialysis Machine

Model: CNME040101


Dimensions(L*W*H): 1450*550*460

Net Weight: Aprox.60kg

Power Supply: AC 220V, -20%~+10%, 50~60Hz

Water Supply

Pressure range: 0~8.0bar

Temperature range: 0~35℃

Water flow: ≥0.3L/min

Technical Data:

VP-700~+800mmhg, Accuracy±5mmhg
-700~+800mmhg, Accuracy±5mmhg
TMP-700~+800mmhg, Accuracy±5mmhg
Blood flow0~700ml/Min
Dialysate Flow0~300~500~800~1000ml/Min(adjustable)
Dialysate Temperature30~41℃, Accuracy±0.5
Dialysate Conductivity0~25ms/cm, Accuracy±0,1ms/cm
UF control

UF rate: 0~6000ml/h

Accuracy: ±30ml/h or ± 1%

Substitution Fluid Flow0~39L/h (HDF-online)

0~6L/h (HDF-bi bag)

Heparin injection0~10ml/H, Accuracy±0,1ml/H

Bolus: 0~10ml/time

Syringe size: 20ml, 30ml, 50ml

Air Detector

Detecting≥0,02ML/single bubble

Detect the bubbles

Blood leak monitorDetecting blood leak≥0.35mL/min (HCT 32%)
Clean DisinfectionDecalcification: Rinse, citric acid or glacial acetic acid

Thermal Disinfection: Hot water or citric acid (>93℃)

Chemical Disinfection: Sodium hypochlorite or peracetic acid

Technical Features:

•12.1 Inch LCD + touch screen, Chinses, English etc, multi-language system enables the operation much more convenience.

•Dialysate mixed controlling system enables much more accurate ionic concentration of dialysate.

•The advanced volume balance control system enables accurate control of UF.

•Preset a variety of standard dialysate formula, also the formula can be customize for different needs. The formulas are suitable for different brands of concentrated solution or dialysis powder which are available on market.

•Isolated HP mode, decrease the normal equipment’s self -testing time and dialysate waste.

•Ultra-pure dialysate supply, improve patients’ life quality.

•KT/V calculation evaluates the sufficiency of dialysis.

•Bicarbonate cartridge(optional), avoid the waste of B fluid.

•Back-up power supply for 40 mins after electricity off.

•Blood pressure monitor (optional), can be used for monitoring of the patient’s heart rate and blood pressure.

•Venous level detector, the operation is simple and the contamination can be avoided.

Individuation Treatment:

•Patients’ treatment files can be restored.

•Variety profiles of sodium, UF rate, carbonate, heparin, flow, temperature for individual treatment.

•Convenient process for sequential dialysis(Dialysis←→IUF) and high-low sodium sequential dialysis.

•Single\double needle dialysis.

•Bicarbonate and acetate dialysis.

Safety design:

•Reliability and safety treatments are ensured by double safety monitoring system.

•Forcibly and self-test of hydraulic, blood line and monitoring system ensure the safety and reliability of machine.

•Hydraulic system leakage monitoring system ensure the safety of treatment.

•Ultrasonic and optical monitor on venous line ensures the safety of blood return.

•Daily disinfection modes can be preset, all disinfection condition can be record.

•Monitoring system of AP, VP and TMP enable abnormal alarms more quickly.

We have exported to Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Morocco, Tunisia, Pakistan, Spain, Nepal, Bolivia, South Africa, and some European countries.

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