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Disposable Medical A.V.Fistula Needle
  • Disposable Medical A.V.Fistula Needle
Disposable Medical A.V.Fistula Needle

Disposable Medical A.V.Fistula Needle

Model: CNME040404


Ultra thin wall and ideal bevel shaped cannula

Clear kink resistant tube

Textured wings provide a secure grip

Needle retracts into the safety guard

Color coded, textured wings provide secure grip

Smooth silicone layer


--Highest quality and reliability 

 Fistula needles are the crucial link between the patient and the dialysis machine. The needles meet the requirements of highest quality, safety and comfort-both from the user ' s as well as from the patients perspective.

--Perfect geometry and optimized flow

 The cutting edge of each needle has been beveled and polished such that the sharp tip and the rounded trailing of the tissue. Thus, the patient benefits from minimized vessel-trauma and reduces pain during venipuncture. Due to the ultra-thin walls of the needles, larger inner lumen diameter can be achieved, thereby permitting maximum blood flow rates.

--Color coded and EO-sterilized

 All fistula needles are equipped with a color-coded wing that specifies the outer diameter of the cannula.

Technical Specification:

Type 1: Fixed wing, Rotating Wing

Type 2: Normal, Safety

Art.NO.with standard needleNeedle lengthTube length
14G fixed wing25mm300mm
14G rotating wing25mm300mm
15G fixed wing25mm300mm
15G rotating wing25mm300mm
16G fixed wing25mm300mm
16G rotating wing25mm300mm
16G rotating wing25mm150mm
16G rotating wing 25mm285mm
17G fixed wing25mm300mm
17G rotating wing 25mm300mm
18G fixed wing25mm300mm
18G rotating wing25mm300mm

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