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High Quality Blood Dialyzer
  • High Quality Blood Dialyzer
  • High Quality Blood Dialyzer
High Quality Blood DialyzerHigh Quality Blood Dialyzer

High Quality Blood Dialyzer

Model: CNME040401

CNME040401 dialyzer used the state-of-the-art polyether sulfone fibers which evidently proven to be the gold standard in hemodialysis membranes. The membrane functions more like a human kidney with outstanding biocompatibility and solute-removal performance, which resulting in superior clearances for better patient outcomes.


--P. E. T.: Performance Enhancing Technology

--Undulation Capillary Members

--Optimized dialysate side distribution

--Higher mechanical strength resulting

--Low albumin loss

--High middle molecule removal

--Maximum low molecular clearance


1.High performance dialyzer

To function more like the human kidney, we built thousands of fibers into each dialyzer where every fiber acts as a nephron (human kidney element). Its advanced pore-spinning technology creates more homogenous pore sizes to optimize sieving properties, also its uniform pore size results in improved removal of uremic toxins and low-molecular-weight proteins, with limited loss of important proteins such as albumin.

 2.Smarter and safer design

advances the dialyzer in terms of composition, removal performance and results. We start with lighter, polypropylene housing and headers, which do not contain BPA. The inner design-featuring an ultra-smooth polypropylene cut surface and finely finished inner lumen of hollow fibers ensures smooth blood flow and minimizes potential blood cell damage.

Improved header shape with redesigned, permanent caps reduces channeling at the blood side while eliminating possibility of unexpected removal or reuse.

Ultra-smooth polyurethane cut surface on dialyzer minimizes risk of blood cell damage during hemodialysis.

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