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Transshipment Infant Incubator
  • Transshipment Infant Incubator
Transshipment Infant Incubator

Transshipment Infant Incubator

Model: CNME-TI2000


Two temperature control modes: Air mode and Baby mode controlled by micro-computer;

Use AC Power and DC Power alternatively, DC 12V or DC 24V Power on the ambulance;

Set temperature, air temperature, baby temperature and internal battery voltage can be displayed separately;

Failure alarm indication;

Can be equipped with >37 temperature set function;

Double wall Acrylic glass hood with side door so that the bassinet can be pulled out from it;

Natural air flow humidity;

The height of whole unit can be adjusted;

Oxygen supply system;

Observation lamp.

Standard Configuration:

Main body (Including the Hood, Controller, Bassinet, Internal battery, and Observation Lamp), Oxygen cylinders, Oxygen supply system, Skin temperature sensor, I.V. Pole, Mattress, Adjustable stand).

Optional Configuration: “>37”override temperature mode, Disposable skin temperature sensor, Ambulance trolley.

Environment temperature

Operating range: 10°C~30°C (Set temperature should be 3°C higher than the environment temperature)

Ambient air velocity: >0.3m/s, <1.0m/s

Technical Specification:

1.AC power requirement:AC220V-230V/50Hz or AC110-120V/50-60Hz, 400VA

   DC Power requirement: DC 12V/10A or DC24V/6A

2.Air temperature control range:25°C-37°C (Override mode 37°C-38°C)

3.Baby temperature control range:34°C-37°C (Override mode37-37.5°C)

   Skin temperature sensor accuracy: ±0.2°C

4.The temperature fluctuation range between incubator temperature and average incubator             temperature (under stable temperature condition): 1.0°C

   Temperature uniformity: 1.5°C (mattress is on the horizontal position)

6.Battery continuous working time:90min (Set temperature is 36°C-Ambient temperature is 15°C)


Main body and Cabinet are packed into two cartons

Dimension (Main body): 1090mm*655mm*760mm, 80kgs;

                  (Cabinet): 1380mm*610mm*400mm, 53kgs


Asia: Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Bhutan, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia. 

Europe: Russia, Turkey 

Africa: Egypt, (all bid) in Kenya, Ethiopia, Libya, (all bid) in Tunisia, South Africa, Morocco, Zambia 

America: Columbia, Argentina, Dominica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Ecuador

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