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How Does An Oxygen Concentrator Work?

Feb. 21, 2024



A small medical oxygen concentrator is a medical device used to provide oxygen therapy. It can increase the oxygen concentration in the air to a level higher than that of ambient air to meet the patient's oxygen needs. Small medical oxygen concentrators are usually widely used in homes, communities, and medical institutions.


The characteristics of small medical oxygen concentrators mainly include the following aspects. First of all, it is small, portable and lightweight, making it easy for patients to carry and use. Secondly, the small medical oxygen concentrator is simple to operate and easy to use, and patients can adjust it according to their own needs. In addition, small medical oxygen concentrators are efficient, safe, and reliable, and can stably provide high-concentration oxygen.


Small medical oxygen concentrators usually consist of the following components. The first is the oxygen generator, which is the core component of the oxygen concentrator and is responsible for increasing the oxygen concentration in the air to the required level. Next is the oxygen storage device, which is used to store and supply the produced oxygen. There are also oxygen delivery systems, including oxygen tubes and masks, etc., used to deliver oxygen to patients. In addition, small medical oxygen concentrators are also equipped with some auxiliary equipment, such as pressure gauges, flow meters, etc., for monitoring and regulating oxygen pressure and flow. According to different needs and usage places, small medical oxygen concentrators can be divided into different types. Common types include portable oxygen concentrators, home oxygen concentrators, and vehicle-mounted oxygen concentrators. The portable oxygen concentrator is suitable for patients to use during outdoor activities. It is compact, lightweight, and battery-powered. The household oxygen concentrator is suitable for long-term use at home and has the characteristics of stable oxygen supply and low noise. The vehicle-mounted oxygen concentrator is suitable for patients to use in vehicles and is portable and safe.




1.Oxygen supply: Small medical oxygen concentrators are able to extract oxygen from the air and concentrate it to a high concentration, usually reaching a purity of more than 90%. Such high concentrations of oxygen can be used to treat various respiratory diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, etc.


2.Oxygen flow adjustment: Small medical oxygen concentrators usually have an adjustable oxygen flow function and can be adjusted according to the needs of the patient. Different diseases and stages of treatment may require different oxygen flows, so this feature ensures patients receive an appropriate oxygen supply.


3.Oxygen concentration monitoring: In order to ensure that patients receive the correct oxygen concentration, small medical oxygen concentrators are usually equipped with oxygen concentration monitors. This monitor can monitor oxygen concentration in real time and sound an alarm when the concentration is lower than the set value to remind the operator to make adjustments.


4.Portability: Small medical oxygen concentrators are usually designed to be portable, making it easy for patients to use at home, in the community, or during travel. They are typically smaller and lighter than traditional large oxygen concentrators, making them easy to carry and move.


5.Safety: Small medical oxygen concentrators usually have a variety of safety protection functions, such as overheating protection, overvoltage protection and low oxygen concentration protection. These protective measures ensure the normal operation of the equipment and prevent patients from accidental injuries during use.


Clinical application


Small medical oxygen concentrators in respiratory, anesthesia and emergency equipment play an important role in clinical applications. These devices help patients maintain normal respiratory functions by providing pure oxygen, as well as providing necessary oxygen supply during first aid and anesthesia. Small medical oxygen concentrators usually consist of an oxygen generator, an oxygen storage tank and an oxygen delivery system. They can provide varying concentrations of oxygen based on patient needs and are portable and easy to operate. This makes them widely used in various scenarios such as emergency scenes, operating rooms, intensive care units and home care. During first aid, a small medical oxygen concentrator can quickly provide high-concentration oxygen to support the patient's breathing and heart function. They can deliver oxygen to the patient's respiratory tract via a mask, nasal cannula or endotracheal tube to ensure that the patient's oxygen saturation reaches normal levels. During anesthesia, a small medical oxygen concentrator can provide a stable supply of oxygen to the patient to ensure that the patient maintains normal respiratory function during the operation. They can be used in conjunction with anesthesia machines and monitoring equipment to monitor the patient's breathing and adjust oxygen concentrations in a timely manner. In home care, small medical oxygen concentrators can provide long-term oxygen therapy to patients with respiratory diseases. These devices are often portable and low-noise, allowing patients to move freely in daily life and receive the oxygen support they need.




1.Please read the product manual carefully before use and operate it correctly according to the instructions.


2.Make sure the device is on a stable surface and avoid falling or collision to avoid damaging the device.


3.Regularly check whether the power cord, oxygen pipeline and other connecting parts of the equipment are loose or damaged to ensure that the connections are firm.


4.During use, good ventilation should be maintained around the equipment to avoid blocking the oxygen inlet and outlet, so as not to affect the oxygen supply.


5.If you find that the equipment has abnormal noise, oxygen leakage, etc. during use, you should immediately stop using it and contact a professional for maintenance.


6.Clean the equipment casing regularly to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt, which may affect the normal operation of the equipment.


7.Do not expose the device to direct sunlight or humid environment to avoid damage to the device.


8.During use, attention should be paid to observe whether the oxygen flow is normal. If abnormal oxygen flow is found, the oxygen cylinder should be adjusted or replaced in time.


9.Avoid contact with flammable materials during use to avoid fire or explosion accidents.


10.After use, the device should be turned off and the power plug unplugged to avoid long-term standby consumption of power.

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