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How to choose oxygen concentrator

Jan. 29, 2021

Under the new crown epidemic, why are concentrators selling well?

The main pathogenesis of new coronavirus pneumonia is that inflammatory secretions or exudates are flooded in the lung interstitium and alveoli, which prevents fresh air from entering the alveoli to exchange carbon dioxide in the body, resulting in hypoxia and even death due to multiple organ failure. After being infected with the new coronavirus pneumonia for one week, the patient will have difficulty breathing. In severe cases, it will rapidly develop into acute respiratory distress syndrome and eventually die. Among them, oxygen inhalation is a very important symptomatic treatment measure throughout the treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia. The oxygen concentrator is a safe and convenient machine for producing high-concentration oxygen, which has played a great role in the treatment of the COVID-19, which has led to a large demand for the oxygen concentrator in the market under the COVID-19 epidemic.

How to choose a suitable oxygen concentrator under the new crown epidemic?

First of all, oxygen concentrators are divided into molecular sieve oxygen concentrators, polymer oxygen-enriched membrane oxygen concentrators, electrolyzed water oxygen concentrators, and chemical reaction oxygen concentrators according to their different oxygen generation principles. Among them, the molecular sieve oxygen concentrator is the only mature oxygen concentrator with international and national standards, so it is more secure.

Secondly, according to the oxygen flow rate per minute, the oxygen concentrator is divided into health care type (1-2L/min), medical type (3-5L/min), and therapeutic type (>5L/min). The lungs of healthy people transport oxygen to all organs and tissues of the body through breathing, while the lungs of severely ill patients with new coronavirus pneumonia are infected with the virus and cannot perform good spontaneous breathing, resulting in severe hypoxemia. Systemic organs fail due to hypoxia, life-threatening. Therefore, high-concentration oxygen therapy can effectively delay the new coronavirus pneumonia.

Therefore, patients with COVID-19 need a molecular sieve oxygen generator, and its oxygen flow rate should be greater than 5L per minute.


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