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What Is An Electric Dermatome?

Apr. 09, 2024



Electric dermatomes are widely used in the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. Through the electric dermatome, doctors can accurately obtain specimens from the patient's skin lesion area, providing a basis for disease judgment and treatment plan determination. Secondly, electric dermatomes also play an important role in plastic surgery. Because of its high efficiency and precision, the electric dermatome can help doctors easily cut and repair skin, improving surgical results and patient satisfaction. Compared with the traditional manual skin removal knife, the electric skin removal knife can efficiently complete the skin removal task in a short time and improve efficiency.





1.The biggest advantage of electric dermatome is its high efficiency. Compared with traditional scalpels or scissors, electric dermatomes can complete the surgical process quickly and accurately. It uses the cutting function of high-speed vibration to quickly remove diseased tissue or perform skin incision. This efficient feature greatly shortens the operation time and reduces the patient's pain and discomfort.


2.Electric dermatome can provide greater safety during surgery. Traditional scalpels often require the doctor's manual control during operation, and are prone to accidentally injuring healthy tissue. The electric dermatome uses an automatic control system to accurately control the vibration frequency and amplitude of the blade, reducing the risk of damage to healthy tissue. In addition, the electric dermatome can automatically stop vibrating once it encounters resistance to avoid further damage.


3.The operation of the electric dermatome is simple and convenient. The doctor only needs to gently hold the handle to control the movement direction and speed of the blade. There is no need for excessive physical exertion during the operation, which reduces the doctor's labor intensity. At the same time, the electric dermatome is also equipped with a variety of blades and accessories, allowing doctors to perform different types of surgical operations as needed, improving the flexibility and diversity of surgery.


4.The electric skin removal knife also has better cutting accuracy and aesthetics. Its cutting process is smoother and more uniform, and there will be no influence on the surgical results due to factors such as hand shaking. This is particularly important for surgeries that require a high level of appearance. For example, facial plastic surgery and scar revision surgery, etc. The blades of the electric dermatome can also be replaced and adjusted as needed to meet the requirements of different surgeries.


How to choose the right electric dermatome?


When choosing a suitable electric dermatome, you need to consider the following: power, blade material, blade size, ease of operation, price, etc. First of all, choose the appropriate power according to your work needs. Generally, the greater the mechanical power, the better the cutting effect. Secondly, the blade material must have high hardness and wear resistance. Common ones include alloy blades, steel blades, etc. The blade size selection should be determined according to the size of the material being processed. Operation convenience includes starting mode, cutting depth adjustment and cutting speed control. Finally, choose an affordable electric dermatologist according to your own financial ability.


How to use electric dermatome correctly?


1.Before use, confirm whether the electric dermatologist is in normal working condition, check whether the power cord is damaged, and whether the blade is firmly installed.


2.Pay attention to safety when using and avoid putting fingers or other objects near the blade to avoid accidents.


3.Keep your arm and tool stable during the cutting process to avoid uneven cutting effects caused by shaking.


4.The tool needs to be kept dry to avoid moisture entering the inside of the electric dermatologist, otherwise it will affect the life and working effect of the tool.


5.After the cutting process, clean the electric dermatologist and keep it properly to prevent the blade from becoming dull or damaged.



How to solve the problem of uneven cutting with electric leather knife?


1.Check whether the blade is installed correctly. Improper installation of the blade will cause uneven cutting.


2.Check whether the blade is worn. If the blade is worn, replace it with a new one in time.


3.Adjust the cutting depth. If the cutting depth is too shallow or too deep, it will lead to uneven cutting results.


4.Adjust the cutting speed. Too fast or too slow cutting speed will affect the cutting effect. The cutting speed can be adjusted appropriately according to the hardness and thickness of the material.



What are the maintenance methods for electric dermatome?


1.Clean the blade and body regularly to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt, which may affect the cutting effect.


2.Place the electric dermatologist in a dry and ventilated place promptly after use to avoid rust caused by humid environment.


3.Check the blade regularly for wear. If there is any wear, replace it in time.


4.When using, be careful to avoid overuse and overload operation to extend the service life of the electric dermatome.

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