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Surgical X-ray Equipment
  • Surgical X-ray Equipment
Surgical X-ray Equipment

Surgical X-ray Equipment

Model: CNME020401

Product Configuration:

Remote Control console1 setElectrical multi-leaf collimator1 set
Medical monitor1 setImage intensifier1 set
Remote diagnostic table1 setDigital Workstation(optional)1 set
X-ray generator1 setCCD camera1 set
X-ray tube assembly1 setBucky stand(optional)1 set
High voltage cable1 set


Perfect Image chain achieves sharp images:

The high quality image intensifier improves the digital image quality. 

State-of-the-art CCD camera with advanced noise reduction algorithms, are the key to consist image quality in every application. 

The use of low absorption material and the grid packing capability, allow a consistent dose reduction.

New design and excellent movement control system:

CCU(central control unit) realize the multi-grade denoise, various storage, LIH, negative and positive, image reverse of the image . 

The wide scanning range provides complete patient coverage without the need for longitudinal tabletop movement, result in faster positioning and better patient comfort. 

The one-hand cassette loading and unloading mechanism grants a maximized speed for this frequent operation.

Digital Image workstation (optional):


Digital Storage: Quick and convenient, save the cost comparing with traditional film storage. 

Image Edition: Multi-grade denoise, LIH, negative & positive images, image reverse and so on. 

Medical History Management: Database management, Graphic reports, Support WORKLIST. 

Digital Printer: can be connect with laser printer to print film. 

Digital Network: Support DICOM 3.0 and PACS network in hospital.

Technical Specification:

Power output40KW
Tube focusLarge focus: 2; Small focus: 1
Tube Voltage44KV~125KV
Tube Current32MA~500MA
Exposure time0.02s~4s
Tube Voltage44KV~110KV
Tube Current0.5mA~5mA
Foot standfixed foot stand±360°rotate foot stand
SID1100mm1100mm, 1500mm

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