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High Frequency Digital Mammography System
  • High Frequency Digital Mammography System
High Frequency Digital Mammography System

High Frequency Digital Mammography System

Model: CNME020403


Comfortable and Safe Examination:


 Its rounded edges could avoid skin scratch and make the system easy and comfortable to access. After exposure, the compressor will be uplift automatically to decrease the compression time of patient. And the patients could release themselves by using the compressor releasing switch at any time, in case that they feel uncomfortable.

-Low Dose:

  We all know that X-ray is harmful to people’s health, this mammography DR could examine even dense breasts with shorter exposure time and significantly reduced dose.

Perfect Image Quality:

 Excellent image quality is the foremost factor in detecting breast cancer, that’s why mammography DR adopts the most advanced and professional generation of CCD detector. The reasonable optic-circuit design ensures that the device is out of irradiation range, avoids the defective pixel and ensures the image quality. Therefore, the doctors could see more details of abnormal area, thus helping more accurate diagnosis and decreasing the mis diagnosis rate.

--Other Characteristics:

 Powerful function of software makes the work of doctors more convenient.

 315° isocentric rotation performs a wide range of examination

Special design for convenient transportation

Technical Parameter:

Digital Detector

Detector Technology: Blue Plus CCD

Effective View Field: 210*270mm

Grayscale: 14 bit

Filling Factor: 100%

Pixel Size: 67um

Pixel Matrix: ≥4096*4096

Preview Image: ≤5S

Max Space Resolution: 5.5lp/mm


Power: 5KW

Input Voltage: 220V

Cathodic Current: 70-140mA/20-30mA

Automatic Control of Cooling

Output Voltage: 20-35KV

Range of MAS: 10-500mAs

Frequency: 50KHZ

Work Mode: Intermittent

X-ray tube

Speed of Rotating Anode: 2800 RPM

Anode Heat Storage Capacity: ≥300KHU

Maximum Current: 70-140mA/20-30mA

Focus: 0.1/0.3mm

Output Voltage: 20-35KV

C-ARM Stand

FID: 1385mm~1965mm

SID: ≥630mm

Arm Circumgyrate: -135°~180°

Equipped with Two Rotating, Lifting Control Switch

Need GridEffective View Field: 28cm*24cm
Compression Device

Distance: 260mm

Effective View Field: 240mm*310mm

Compressor: Automatic release function and manual control function

Pressure: 0-198N

Lifting Range: 0-268mm

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