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Dynamic Digital radiography fluoroscopy DR X-ray machine System
  • Dynamic Digital radiography fluoroscopy DR X-ray machine System
Dynamic Digital radiography fluoroscopy DR X-ray machine System

Dynamic Digital radiography fluoroscopy DR X-ray machine System

Model: CNME020301


Multi-purpose Digital Imaging Solution:

Digital Radiography 

A fast and precise full digital x-ray examination of most parts of the body. Wide range of checking, as well as erect, lying, and oblique positions.

Digital Fluoroscopy 

Full view area with 17 X 17 inches, easy for lesion observation and locating, high definition real-time spot film with 9 million pixels for a more precise diagnosis.

Digital Gastrointestinal 

Eliminate the defects caused by conventional gastrointestinal machine, obtain larger view area.

Digital Contrast 

Real-time entire contrast observation such as OCG, ERCP, IVP, HSG, T-tube cholangiography, etc. One image shows all the details.

Large view area:

17''×17'' view area 

A full sized view area with HD image can not only enable doctors to be more focused on lesion observation, but also reduce radiation time for patients. While conventional fluoroscopy system with an image intensifier shows just round, smaller and skewed images, Dynamic DR System with full size dynamic detector makes x-ray image reading much easier and more convenient both for senior and junior doctors.

Avoid misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis 

Ordinary DR System with only static images sometimes have problems of misdiagnosis resulted from overlaid images or improper positions.Dynamic DR System with dynamic images can provide multiple view angles with dynamic preview images, which helps to find out hidden lesions or correct the improper position in the low dose preview mode, together with spot film function to make a more precise diagnosis. The real-time replay and video recording function can also act as a powerful tool for lesion proof-check.

Smart Image Stitching:

High definition full body x-ray Image 

With large view size and advanced image processing workstation, Dynamic DR System can provide a high definition full-body x-ray image by automatic image stitching processed by the software, especially helpful for orthopedics.

Effortless operation 

Dynamic DR System can do both remote control and patient side control, with patient table titling from horizontal to vertical dimension, and vice versa. In horizontal dimension, the patient table can also be adjust left and right for better observation. The x- ray tube can move up and down for SID adjusting from 1 meter to 1.8 meters for different examinations, and x-ray tube together with the tube column can also tiling by 45°both left and right for special angels. The compressor for contrast can be move when the doctor is observing the contrast process. All those operation can be operated by remote control with precise preset parameters calibration.

Core Technology:

Superior digital image processing technology 

two-channel parallel-processing GPU module, ROI (Region of interest) automatic identification module, and efficient EAE automatic image enhancing software enables the image processing be fast and efficient, the processed images will be exquisite and less sharp, showing clearer image layers, and can have a very high imaging contrast ratio for details identification.

Cutting-edge dynamic detector technology 

Dynamic Detector loaded with a 3072×3072 pixels matrix and a 14 bit dynamic gray scale, which can put out a high definition digital x-ray images with 9 million pixels. Comparing with ordinary DR system, images from Dynamic DR System contains more information, higher imaging contrast ratio, and wider dynamic ranges. Comparing with conventional fluoroscopy system, Dynamic DR System can do high definition real-time spot film, converting between dynamic imaging and static imaging at millisecond rate, greatly reducing details missing and helping make a more precise diagnosis.

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Product Name: Dynamic Digital radiography fluoroscopy DR X-ray machine System
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