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High Frequency Mobile Digital C-arm System
  • High Frequency Mobile Digital C-arm System
High Frequency Mobile Digital C-arm System

High Frequency Mobile Digital C-arm System

Model: CNME020202


1.High quality combined high frequency high voltage xray generator reduces xray dose to body

2.With function of kV, mA automatically track (ABS) in fluoroscopy to make the image brightness and clearness 

3.Real time continuous Pulse Fluoroscopy with low dose, but meet operation demand with clearness image

4.Human graphical LCD touch screen, intelligent and fast operation

5.A unique hand-held controller design, convenient to operate

6.Toshiba image intensifier and Medical Mega-pixels digital CCD camera, the quality is stable and reliable, and image clarity 

7.Powerful digital graphic workstation with standard configuration of DICOM 3.0 connected to network perfectly, and perfect software

8.Unique design of electric auxiliary support arm is more security for using

9.New C-arm frame with a compact appearance, and easy to operate

10.Digital radiography with powerful processing program

11.Automatically store the last image of fluoroscopy to advantage diagnosis

Pulse control, Digital radiography, Auto fluoroscopy:

High frequency high voltage X-ray generator and high precision digital pulse control technology ensure excellent image with low skin dose.

Digital radiography function, no more film-screen system, simplify the operate process.

Maxium optimize the image brightness and definition depend on the KV/MA auto trace function.

Electric controlled collimator satisfy multi-angle and multi-directional anatomical display requirements.

Digital mega pixels image system:

High quality image intensifier

High definition CCD camera

High-resolution high-brightness monitoring system.

Attractive design, Compact appearance More details, Less dose:

Friendly user interface, convenient operate:

Human graphic LCD touch screen system

Hand controller design support long distance exposure.

Flexible C-arm Design; All angles rotation

Divertible main wheel together with direction wheels make movement more flexible.

Electric support arm make the movement of machine more stable during moving.

Technical Specification:

Power output5KW
Inverter Frequency40KHZ
Dual focus0.3/1.5
Continuous Fluoroscopy Mode(manual & automatic)
Tube Voltage: 40KV-120KV
Tube Current: 0.3MA-4MA
Pulse FluoroscopyTube Voltage: 40KV-120KV
Tube Current: 0.3MA-30MA
Photography Mode
Tube Voltage: 40KV-120KV
Tube Current: 25MA-100MA
MAS: 1~180MAS

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