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High Frequency Mobile Digital C-arm X-ray System
  • High Frequency Mobile Digital C-arm X-ray System
High Frequency Mobile Digital C-arm X-ray System

High Frequency Mobile Digital C-arm X-ray System

Model: CNME020203


1、Four-dimensional power-operated control ensures quick and accurate position.

2、Electric control design and multiple operating modes meet teh needs of efficient work.

3、International advanced technology of full pulse fluoroscopy with low dose radiography,advocating safe and healthy philosophy. 

4、Super high power,powerful image processing function,wide expand the application of clinical needs.


Make your diagnose More accurate:

High-frequency generator deliver the power you need for all the typical applications in spine surgery, orthopedics, traumatology, urology and pain management.

Unique design of large thermal capacity (>1000kJ) with advanced heat dissipation technology, allows for clear images, even for long or repeated procedures.

High-resolution CCD camera with 1K×1K image matrix, over 4000 shades of gray, realizes more accurate diagnose.

Advanced functions of Images optimization, strengthen module, real-time displaying the clear clinical images.

Professional working station has more image post-processing functions such as the image W/L adjustment, region of interest balance, GAMMA correction, flip, noise reduction, smoothing, sharpening etc.

Two monochrome 19′′ flat-screen monitors clearly visualize the smallest anatomical details.

Reduce the X-ray radiation to the minimum Care for operators and patients health:

Short, sharp pulses for clear images and the radiation exposure for the operators and patients can be reduced to a minimum. 

Motorized iris collimator with multi-leaf, supports high accuracy for selected x-ray field size. 

Crosshair overlay corresponding with laser light, designed for easily checkpoint location before operation, avoiding unnecessary exposure. 

Professional remote controller for exposure, allows operators retreating to X-ray exposure. 

Professional storage system for single and continuous images, reducing the repeatability of the exposure.

Intelligent control system make the operation more efficient and easier than ever before:

Hand controller on C-arm stand: control the mechanical and collimator movement, improve your workflow even you are away from the unit. 

Hand controller on the work station trolley: select the mode of fluoroscopy. 

Synchronized dual touch-screen panels mounted on C-arm stand, with intuitive user interface and APR parameters setting, make the exposure control at your hand all the time.

Four dimensional movement motorized movement for easy and accurate positioning.

cutting-edge technology and high performance:

A high performance imaging workstation and image processing system servers you a convenient interface for integration with network. 

Work-list registration for seamless integration in your hospital environment. 

Dicom 3.0 network interface for integration with PACS or RIS. 

CD burning for easy image transfer 

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