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High Frequency Mobile Digital Radiography System
  • High Frequency Mobile Digital Radiography System
High Frequency Mobile Digital Radiography System

High Frequency Mobile Digital Radiography System


1、Ultra large power X-ray generator and intelligent APR design.

2、Single panel multi-working units is perfectly  applicable for various clinical special radiography requirements.

3、Flexible rotary companding arm structure makes the system with ability of covering all directions.

4、Dual power supply with long time and strong engine.

5、Patients information is open for sharing which easily realizes high efficiency network integration


High efficiency:

-DR Photography: Locate—Exposure—Display Images—Diagnosis

-CR Photography: Locate—Exposure—IP Board-Display Images—Diagnosis

Film Photography: Locate—Exposure—Cassette—Process Films--Display Images—Diagnosis By Film Viewer

Simplifying your workflow:

CNME020104 displays images are displayed in a few seconds on the integrated 15” touch screen with absolutely no need to handle cassettes, the radiology parameters and the examination procedures are selected directly from the touch screen interface.

Super volume storage:

Large volume hard disk for image storage, convenient for comparison between historic image and immediately image, the image can also be storage by USB disk and transferred.

Wide application range:

Outstanding operation performance, allowing a wider range of clinical application, the unit is widely used for radiation room, health screens contexts, ICU ward, operation room, emergency room, orthopedics, pediatric and surgery department.

High definition image   Perfect quality:

Unique frame design, high frequency x-ray generator together with advanced digital FPD to ensure the remarkable image quality.

Technical Parameters:

Max output power25KW
Main Inverter Frequency60KHZ
X-ray tubeFocusSmall focus: 0.6; Large focus: 1.3
Rotation anode speed2800rpm
Heat capacity900KJ (1200KHU)
Tube current200MA
Tube voltage40-125KV
Digital DetectorA-si FPD
Vision Size14"*17"
Spatial Resolution Limit3.4Lp/mm

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