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Nanjing KaiHong Helps Charity and Caring

Apr. 09, 2018

On the first working day after the Qingming Festival, the managers of the Company and the representatives of Nanjing Shengheshu visited the “Angels with Broken Wings” at Gaochun Social Welfare Institute. They brought goods and materials needed for the children, played with them, and had a happy and unforgettable half day! 

At present, more than 380 orphans, abandoned infants and disabled people who are helpless, homeless and have no source of livelihood live at Gaochun Social Welfare Institute. Most of them suffer from congenital cerebral palsy, disease-induced paralysis and limb paralysis, and over 90% of them are severely disabled. Nanjing Kaihong Healthcare Co., Ltd. plans to organize more such meaningful activities in future, and tries to help the people in need. The Company hopes to pass love together with more people! 

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