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How does the air disinfection machine realize air disinfection?

Jun. 29, 2021


Creatures on the earth need to breathe every minute and every second, and clean air is particularly important for health. In places like hospitals, schools, office areas, and other places where various bacteria and viruses spread, air pollution is more serious than in other places, and it is necessary to equip air disinfection machines. The spread of the virus in the air is nearby. The closer you are to the source of infection, the easier it is to be infected. The air disinfection machine can help to purify the air and kill the microorganisms in the air, reducing the cross-spread of viruses.

So, how does the air disinfection machine realize air disinfection? The most common is that the inhaled dust particles are blocked on the filter; secondly, the inhaled dust particles are charged through the magnetic field, and then are adsorbed on the electrode plate; finally, ultraviolet light disinfects the air. Through this working principle, the "dirty" air containing floating dust sucked into the sterilizer becomes dust-free "clean" air after passing through the sterilizer.

Operation mode and application places of air disinfection machine

Air disinfection machine is used in the family room, hospital operating room, consulting room, laboratory, infusion room, ward, dental clinic, eye hospital, cosmetic plastic hospital, community clinic, pet hospital, family ward, family disinfection, kindergarten disinfection, Early childhood education center disinfection, tissue training room, food workshop, restaurant, milk bar, community service center and other places use. 

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