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Clinical application of HFNC Device

Aug. 26, 2021

HFNC Devices refer to an oxygen therapy instrument that directly delivers a certain oxygen concentration of heated and humidified air-oxygen mixed with high-flow gas to the patient through a nasal catheter that does not need to be sealed.

Applicable Department:

ICU, Respiratory medicine, Geriatric ward, Emergency room, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Cardiothoracic surgery, Paediatrics (≥3 kg), Rehabilitation ward, etc.



Compared with the low-flow oxygen output method of conventional oxygen therapy, HFNC prevents the concentration of inhaled oxygen from being affected by the patient's respiratory frequency, inspiratory flow rate, respiratory pattern and other factors, providing patients with accurate and stable oxygen concentration and improving oxygen. Compared with non-invasive ventilators, patients with nasal congestion do not feel claustrophobic, they are very soft, and the comfort, tolerance and compliance of patients are better.


Clinical characteristics:

Clinical application of HFNC Device

1、Acute patients with mild to moderate respiratory failure in ICU or emergency room

【 Improve dyspnea, rise oxygenation, reduce intubation rate, and intubation mortality is significantly lower than non-invasive ventilation and standard oxygen therapy】

2、Endotracheal intubation

【Improve oxygenation index,delay onset of hypoxemia】

3、Oxygen therapy after invasive withdrawal

【High tolerability and comfort, reducing the rate of reintubation】

4、Acute heart failure and cardiogenic pulmonary edema

【Improve dyspnea, especially refractory dyspnea】

5、Postoperative care, to mitigate the risk of respiratory failure

【Replace non-invasive ventilator to achieve higher comfort】

6、Chronic airway disease

【Improve the upper airway status ofpatients with obstructive sleep apnoea】

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