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Medical video endoscope
  • Medical video endoscope
  • Medical video endoscope
Medical video endoscopeMedical video endoscope

Medical video endoscope

Model: CNME050101


● High Resolution Images

Equipped with high Pixel CCD and digital processing system.Maximize the reduction of endoscopic images color and output high resolution images by DVI digital signal.

● Water Jet System

Characterized by water jet system can clearly identifyareas where there are lesions or bleeding.

● Oversized Instrument Channel

An oversized instrument channel width of Φ3.2mm for gastroscope & Φ4.2mm for colonoscope make a wide range of treatments possible.

● The Latest New Grip

The grip design has been engineered,to be comfortable to manipulate. Lighter and slimmer than before.


New material suction & water/air button. Universal wash-infection components.

The grip design has been engineered, to be comfortable to manipulate. 

Minimized knob clearance. Optimized knob size.

The grip is made of PPO engineering material and used the one-piece molding technology.

The latest grip fits gently into your hand to allow full use of the high-performance endoscope.

New materials, design and processing reduce the grip weight for greater maneuverability.

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