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CNME-3D Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor
  • CNME-3D Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor
  • CNME-3D Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor
  • CNME-3D Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor
  • CNME-3D Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor
CNME-3D Multi-Parameter Patient MonitorCNME-3D Multi-Parameter Patient MonitorCNME-3D Multi-Parameter Patient MonitorCNME-3D Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

CNME-3D Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

Standard configurationECG, NIBP, SpO2, HR/PR, 2-RESP, 2-TEMP, rechargeable battery
Optional configuration

Built-in printer, Nellcor SpO2,2-IBP, ETCO2(main stream or side stream), CO, AG,Wireless network, Wall Mount, Moving cart, 12 volts Power supply


12.1’’ color TFT LCD screen, High brightness, Wide viewing, 8 waveforms can be displayed on the same screen . lightness and volume are adjustable independently.

Streamlined outline design with sense of the times & foldable handle.

Multi-language interface selection: Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Turkish, etc.

User-friendly and man-machine dialogue interface with pop-up menus, dialogue boxes, rotary mouse and etc.

Low-power consumption design with standby mode, rechargeable high-energy built-in battery.

blood pressure measurement fast and accuratly, with venipuncture function.

Advanced digital technology, accurately measure SpO2 in low perfusion situation.

Drug calculation, ST-segment detection, pace maker and arrhythmia analysis.

display format include OxyCRG diagram, 7-lead ECG waveform, big-font mode simultaneously ; can store 5 kinds of user-defined display format;

Sound and light integrated alarm, Alarm parameters can be adjusted to upper or lower.

Suitable for adults, pediatrics and neonates

Applications in bedside and delivery monitoring; Widely used in patient room, emergency room, operation room, PACU, ICU, CCU, etc.

WAN communication function to network with central monitoring system and make long-distance monitoring, diagnosis, maintenance and software upgrade possible.

Printing of data, waveform, trend tables and trend diagram.

Optional CO2 detection function


ECGHeart rate(HR)

Measurement range: 30BPM ~ 300BPM;

Accuracy: 1 BPM or ±1 %.

Heart rate alarm settings And tolerance: upper limit (60 ~ 300) bpm; tolerance::± 10% Lower limit (10 ~ 200) bpm; tolerance : ± 10%

Noise level: ≤ 30μV

ECG frequency response: filtering methods: (1 ~ 25) HzNon-filtered mode: (0.05 ~ 100) Hz The ECG Input circuit current: ≤ 0.1μAECG sensitivity: continuous adjustable

The scanning speed of the sub-file and error:

Scan rate can be divided into three files for selection: 12.5mm / s, 25mm / s, 50mm / sThe error of scanning rate: ≤ ± 10% 


Measurement range:

Systolic(SBP):(5.3 ~ 36.0)kPa,or(40 ~ 270 )mmHg

Diastolic (DBP):(2.7 ~ 26.7)kPa,or(20 ~ 200 )mmHg

Mean (MAP):(4.0 ~ 29.3)kPa,or(30 ~ 220 )mmHg

Accuracy : ≤ ± 0.4 kPa (3 mmHg) or ±2%,


Measurement range: -1.3~40KPa(-10 ~ 300mmHg)

Channel: 2 channelsTransducer sensitivity: 5MV/V/mmHg

Unit display: kPa or mmHg( selectable)

Respiration Rate

Measurement range: 0 BPM ~ 120 BPM;

Accuracy: ±1 BPM or ±5 %


Number of channels: 2

Temperature probe configuration: Intracavitary probe: 1 unit; Surface probe: 1 unit

Measurement range: 25.0 ℃~ 45.0℃

Accuracy: ± 0.2 ℃

Response time: ≤ 3 min.


Display type: Waveform, data    

Measurement range: 0~100%

Resolution: 1 BPM

Pulse rate range: 30~250bpm

Accuracy: ±1bpm

Pulse Rate

Measurement range: (30 ~ 250)bpm;

Accuracy: 1BPM or ±2%

Trend reviewCan Review history data of 360 hours
CO2Measurement range: 0﹪ ~ 10.0﹪ ( Carbon dioxide inhalation and carbon dioxide exhalation)

Accuracy: ±2mmHg(<5﹪ Measured values)

10﹪(>5﹪ Measured values)


Standard packaging for export;


CE/ISO/FDA certification;

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