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Fetal Maternal Monitor
  • Fetal Maternal Monitor
Fetal Maternal Monitor

Fetal Maternal Monitor

Model: CNME010106

New horizontal type Fetal/Maternal Monitor, ergonomics design, real-time monitor the changes of physical signs of the fetal and maternal, It was designed for different requirement of antenatal, childbirth and postpartum patients. Comply with Chinese & International standard. Provide precise reference data for clinical diagnosis.
Portable handle, all-in-one probe holder.

12.1 inch foldable color TFT LCD Screen, display waveform and data simultaneously.    
FHR, TOCO, FM and waveform of fetal activities can be monitored.
Count fetal movement in auto/manual mode.
The color of display area can be adjustable.
It can store at least 24hrs CTG data in power-down memory. Data won’t be erased after switch off. Recall printing is available.
Alarm review.
Auto/manual patient ID generation, easy user-management & data searching.
25mm/s high speed review of printing.
Alarm light on the top. Smart alarm setting: light & sound alarm, alarm range and tone can be adjusted. It also owns Sensor off alarm, monitor abnormal alarm and remark function.
Two type of printing function: American standard and National standard.
FHR2 offset printing function.

Three monitoring and display mode: Fetal, Fetal & Maternal, Maternal.
Real-time printing and timing printing.
Event remark.
Built-in high capacity rechargeable battery.
Support paper-out cache, selectable printing and auto shutdown.
Independent network communicate function, support remote, wireless, wired networking function.
It can be upgraded to maternal multi-parameter monitoring, it has various of bracket solution.
Standard configuration FHR, TOCO, Fetal movement
Optional configuration Twin FHR, Fishers auto fetal-analysis, fetal awake-up alarm, wireless network, wall mount, moving cart, 12 volts Power supply

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