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Gynecology Aspirator
  • Gynecology Aspirator
Gynecology Aspirator

Gynecology Aspirator

Model: CNME011006


Max vacuum: 0.09MPa(680mmHg)  

Flow rate: 40L/min      

Storage bottle: 1000ml*2(PC)

Power supply: -220V, 50Hz

Input power: 250VA

GW/NW: 21kg/18kg

Packing dimension: 1162.5px*1062.5px*2300px 

Product Features:

Large flow oil-free lubrication piston pump, with over flow protection device in collection bottle, available for shutdown operation;

Vacuum release value fitted on the foot switch is used for reducing vacuum during shutdown operation and releasing pressure applied to patient.

Surgical instruments set or some other objects can be put on the integrated instrument tray on the top;

Power cord and pedal switch can be put into the storage box, which is easy for collection when stopping use.

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