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12.1 TFT Touch Screen ICU Ventilator Used for pediatric and adult
  • 12.1 TFT Touch Screen ICU Ventilator Used for pediatric and adult
12.1 TFT Touch Screen ICU Ventilator Used for pediatric and adult

12.1 TFT Touch Screen ICU Ventilator Used for pediatric and adult

Model: CNME010403

Technical Specification:

Ventilation Mode

Volume Controlled (VCV), Assist/Control

Pressure Controlled (PCV), Assist/Control

Pressure Regulated Volume Control (PRVC), Assist/Control

Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV)

Volume-controlled breaths (V-SIMV)

Pressure-controlled breaths (P-SIMV)

Pressure Regulated Volume Control- controlled breaths (PRVC-SIMV)

Bi Level Ventilation (BIVENT) Option

Spontaneous Ventilation (SPONT)

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

Non Invasive/CPAP (NIV/CPAP) Option

Non Invasive/Pressure Controlled Ventilation (NIV/PCV) Option

Combined: VCV+ SIGH, SIMV (VCV)+Pressure Support (PS), SIMV (PCV)+PS, SIMV (PRVC)+PS,



Tidal volume: 20~ 2500ml

Respiratory rate: 4~100bpm (used in VCV & PCV & PRVC)

1~40bpm (used in V-SIMV & P-SIMV & PRVC-SIMV)

Inspiration time: 0.1~12s

Inspiratory pause time: 0~4s

FiO2: 21%~ 100%

Trigger sensitivity: Pressure (-2~0kPa, above PEEP)

Flow (0.5~20LPM, with base flow)

PEEP: 0~5KPa

P support: 0~6kPa

P control: 0.5~6kPa

E-sense: 5%~80%

Suction: Maximum 2min

Inspiratory hold: Yes

Expiratory hold: Yes

Manual inspiration: Yes

Waveform freeze: Yes

Nebulizer: 30 minutes

Key lock: Yes


Pressure values: Pplat, Ppeak, Pmean, PEEP

Volume/Flow values: VTI, VTE, MV, MVspont

Time values: ftotal, fspont, l:E

Oxygen monitoring: O2 sensor

Real time curves: Pressure-Time, Flow-Time, Volume-Time, Pressure-Volume loop, Flow-Volume loop

Respiratory mechanics, dynamic and static compliance, resistance, auto PEEP


MV high, MV low, Paw high, Paw low, Peep High, Peep low, Airway pressure continue high, VTE low, VTE high, fspont high, Tapnea,

FiO2 low, FiO2 high, Power supply failure, Nebulizer on, Battery low, Battery exhausted, Air supply failure, O2 supply failure,

Air & O2 supply failure, Fan Block, Pipe block, Circuit disconnected

Technical Data

Screen: 12.1" TFT color touch screen (detachable)

Gas supply: O2, Air (All gas must be medical level), 0.28~0.6MPa

Power supply: AC110~240V, 50Hz-60Hz, 65VA

Internal battery: >1 hour work time

Maximum security pressure: ≤8kPa

Compliance: ≤4mL/100Pa

Noise: ≤65dB (A)

Communication interfaces: RS232 port, VGA port, Nurse call

Dimensions (HxWxD): 328x410x410 mm

Weight: 20kg

Environment Requirements


5°C~40C (Operation)

-20°C-55°C (Storage)

Relative humidity:

≤90%, non-condensing (Operation)

≤93%, non-condensing (Storage)

Atmospheric pressure:

50~ 106kPa (Operation)

50~ 106kPa (Storage)

Altitude operation:

500~800mmHg / 3565~ -440m (Operation)

375- 800mmHg / 5860~ -440m (Storage)



Pneumatically driven electronically controlled ICU ventilator used for pediatric and adult patient

12.1" TFT touch screen with navigation wheel provides simple and intuitive interface for the user

Detachable screen effectively reduces possibility of cross infection

Dual (sound and light) three level alarms ensures patient safety

Comprehensive ventilation modes including PRVC and BIVENT

Autoclavable exhalation valve with built-in flow sensor decreases maintenance cost

Reasonable layout, convenient to read and compare

Excellent ventilation and comfortable respiration meet demand of critical care mechanical ventilation

Initiative exhalation valve technology guarantees coordination and synchronization between user and machine


Excellent Ventilation

Meet demand of critical care mechanical ventilation: typical ventilation modes with BIVENT and PRVC

Sensitive pressure trigger and flow trigger options bring more comfort to patient

Both invasive and non-invasive ventilation fully fulfills the demands of various patient types

Comprehensive Monitoring Function

Monitoring and display 15 important patient data, combined with alarm recording function helps doctor to make further treatment option

3 waveforms and 2 loops display provides current patient information

Practical Clinical Support

Lung mechanics function monitoring

Manual intervention including inspiratory and expiratory hold; screen freeze; synchronized nebulizer; smart suction and manual breath

Advanced Medical Engineering Technology

Initiative exhalation valve technology guarantees coordination and synchronization between user and machine

Integrated exhalation valve with thermostatical function, effectively reduce vapor condensation

CNME010403 can be equipped on trolley or ceiling pendant

Product Name: 12.1 TFT Touch Screen ICU Ventilator Used for pediatric and adult
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