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CNME-500 Medical Trolley Ventilator
  • CNME-500 Medical Trolley Ventilator
CNME-500 Medical Trolley Ventilator

CNME-500 Medical Trolley Ventilator


This paragraph ventilator for the multi-mode multi-function universal synchronous machine can be used to aid breathing and adjuvant therapy, the use of bright digital display technology, quick knob to set parameters, external single infrared sensor, a pressure trigger device with advanced heating humidifier, machine through the CE certification.


Pneumatic power control, microcomputer control

Operation control panel with clear LED display, easy to operate

High quality humidifier

High-quality pipeline, accessories, parts

Ventilator host:

Scope: adults, children

Drive: pneumatic power control

knob operation and touch key

Work: time to switch

Breathing Mode:IPPV, SIPPV, IMV, SIMV, PEEP, Manu, Sigh and so on;

Tidal Volume Adjustment:50~1200ml

Respiratory Rate:6~60/m

I/E ratio: 1: 1.5, 1:2.0, 1:2.5, 1:3 

(Ptr) Range:-0.4~1.0kPa

The upper pressure limit: 1 ~ 6KPa

PEEP: 0.1 ~ 1KPa

Oxygen Concentration:<45%

Transfer Time from Controlled to Assistant Respiration:6s

Air Flow Adjustment:1~12times /m

Sigh Volume:150% of tidal volume

Ventilation Capacity per Minute:≥18L

Maximum Safe Pressure:≤6.0kPa

Air supply range:280~600kPa

Monitoring parameters: tidal volume, minute ventilation, the total frequency, peak airway pressure, oxygen concentration, self-triggering

Alarm parameters: the lack of oxygen supply, airway pressure upper limit airway pressure limit, power, sustained pressure, asphyxia, low tidal volume, oxygen concentration, gas missing

Oxygen Consumption:≤1.5mPa change in pressure after 1-hour operation of oxygen cylinder of 12250kPa/40L.

Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz


Thermostat regulated

Automatic over-temperature power-off protection

Product Name: CNME-500 Medical Trolley Ventilator
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