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Medical Equipment neonatal CPAP ventilator
  • Medical Equipment neonatal CPAP ventilator
Medical Equipment neonatal CPAP ventilator

Medical Equipment neonatal CPAP ventilator

Model: CNME010405


Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) nurtures and supports infant breathing by providing respiratory support throughout the respiratory cycle.

CPAP System maintains the infant's functional residual capacity by helping to prevent airway closure.

CNME010405 CPAP System has the advantages of compact device, small footprint, saving energy and integrated high-performance in operation.

This makes it an ideal companion for your smallest patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU), emergency ward, delivery room and other departments.


7” TFT LCD screen displays the ventilation parameters, alarm information and oscillograms.

Intergrated breathing circuit design, ensure easy operating and keep hygiene.

Multiple parameters monitoring interface ensures every parameter is clear, let operator know the patient conditions in all aspects.

Real time pressure-time oscillogram and high precision oxygen concentration detection function included.

Built-in air and oxygen blender, ensure stable oxygen concentration.

Stable and low noise air compressor creates quiet work environment for doctors and patients, able to support 2-3 CPAP machines at the same time.

Technical Specification:


Oxygen concentration: Adjusting range: 21%-100%

                                     Monitoring range: 15%-100%

CPAP: Adjusting range: 0cmH2O-15cmH2O

            Monitoring range: 0cmH2O-60cmH2O

Continuous flow: Adjusting range: 2L/min-20L/min

                            Monitoring range: 2L/min-20Lmin

Manual ventilation: Output flow: 20L/min±5L/min

Air compressor: Continuous output flow: ≥25L/min

                           Peak output flow: ≥120L/min 

Oscillogram: P-T(pressure - time)

Working condition

Gas source: O2, Air

Pressure: 280kPa-600kPa

Voltage: 100-240V

Power frequency: 50Hz±1Hz

Alarm and protection

AC power failure alarm: Power failure or no connection internal backup battery low voltage alarm<11.3±0.3V

High oxygen concentration alarm: 19%-100%

Low oxygen concentration alarm: 15%-99%

High airway pressure alarm: 1.5kPa-6kPa

Low air input pressure alarm: <200kPa

Low oxygen input pressure alarm: <200kPa

Air and oxygen blender alarm: When any gas source lack 

                                                  When differential pressure >0.1mPa

Compression pump alarm: Excess temperature


Main engine: L 480*W 670*H 450mm

G.W. 40KG

N.W.: 23KG

Air compressor: L 683*W 687*H 1140mm

G.W.: 105KG

N.W.: 70KG

Product Name: Medical Equipment neonatal CPAP ventilator
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