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Neonatal Ventilator
  • Neonatal Ventilator
Neonatal Ventilator

Neonatal Ventilator

Model: CNME010404

Specially designed for neonates, CNME010404 provides the most professional and diversified noninvasive nasal ventilation modes, with advanced apnea wakeup function and automatic leakage compensation function.

Accurate and safe fresh gas delivered by Flow Intelligent .

Closed-loop Control System to protect fragile new life;

User-friendly operating system with easy clinical practice to facilitate medical staff;

Integrated ventilation solutions providing SNIPPV/NIPPV, NCPAP and HFNC modes for safe ventilator weaning.


User-friendly design

Oxygen concentration one-button auto-calibration

Self-check function when start up

LCD touch screen

Safe and reliable

Proximal pressure monitoring

Optional ultra-silent air compressor, <500DB noise when work

Double CPUs

Electronic flow sensor

Proportional valve

Oxygen sensor

When setting key parameters like pressure and oxygen concentration, intelligently give out safety signs to avoid maloperation

Built-in lithium battery, with over 4hrs working time, guarantee normal operation during powers failure and transportation

Quick parameter setting, greatly reducing workload

Direct pressure setting
Direct oxygen concentration setting

Product Name: Neonatal Ventilator
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