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Touch Screen Machine for Biochemical Analysis
  • Touch Screen Machine for Biochemical Analysis
  • Touch Screen Machine for Biochemical Analysis
Touch Screen Machine for Biochemical AnalysisTouch Screen Machine for Biochemical Analysis

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Touch Screen Machine for Biochemical Analysis

Model: CNME030403C



CNME030403C is the smallest and most integrated chemistry analyzer, which is perfect for low volume laboratories.

It optimizes the use of space in the laboratory by providing full functionality in small space.

Standardized operation, which is consistent with larger analyzers, eliminates manual errors and makes test results more reliable.

The robust system prolongs uptime and increases productivity of lab.

The easy automated testing improves the workflow and mitigates manual labour, together with its cost-effectiveness, making it possible to bring benefits of automatic chemistry to all laboratories.


ThroughputUp to 120 tests per hour
Reagent tray40 reagent positions with refrigeration
 Sample tray  20 sample positions 
 Reaction tray  81 reusable cuvettes,auto cuvette washing station 
 Wavelength  8 wavelengths:340nm,405nm,450nm,510nm, 546nm,578nm, 660nm, 670nm 
 Screen  10.4 inch color touch screen 
 Data storage  100,000 results 
 Power supply  AC 100~240V,50/60Hz,≤ 150VA 
 Dimension  384mm*640mm*410mm(Width*Depth*Height) 
 Weight  30 Kg 
 Packing size  78.3*54.2*65.6cm 
 GW  54.5kg 



Up to 120 tests per hour
Fast start-up and shut-down process
User-friendly software
Removable reagent disk
Auto cuvette washing station

Minimum reaction volume 150μL
Reusable cuvettes
Few consumables
Low water consumption
Halogen lamp with long lifespan
Optional reagent closed system

Small footprint on the desk
Big reagent and sample compartment
Built-in computer with touch screen
Built-in thermal printer
Complete solution with reagents
Powerful data transmission with USB, Ethernet, RS232

Reagent inventory monitoring
Auto reagent cooling
Accurate probe pipetting technique
Auto probe washing reduces carry-over
Simultaneous dual-wavelength measuring

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