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​Medical Mobile Medium-sized Air Disinfection Machine ​
  • ​Medical Mobile Medium-sized Air Disinfection Machine ​
  • ​Medical Mobile Medium-sized Air Disinfection Machine ​
  • ​Medical Mobile Medium-sized Air Disinfection Machine ​
​Medical Mobile Medium-sized Air Disinfection Machine ​​Medical Mobile Medium-sized Air Disinfection Machine ​​Medical Mobile Medium-sized Air Disinfection Machine ​

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​Medical Mobile Medium-sized Air Disinfection Machine ​


Technical Features:
1.Anti-Online (national invention patent) long-acting slow-release sterilization patented material.
2.Medical grade filter loaded with 5% Anti-Online sterilized material.
3.UVC-Max (national invention patent) deep ultraviolet LED disinfection module.
4.Compared with the traditional mercury lamp tube, it can save more than 90%, and the life span is more than 20,000 hours.
5.No mercury. No ozone. Without high temperature. No risk of lamp breaking.

Application Scenario:

Fever Clinic Isolation Ward, Infectious Ward Clean room,CT room,Hemodialysis department,ICU,Dermatology,etc.


1. Compared with 75% of traditional ultraviolet mercury lamps on the market, it can save more than 90% of electric energy.
2. It does not contain mercury, is harmless to the human body, and is more environmentally friendly.
3. Choose the C band of 260-280nm, no ozone is generated, suitable for coexistence of man and machine.
4. It is ready to use, the preheating time is short, and the disinfection is more rapid. The traditional lamp needs to be preheated for about 15 minutes.
5. The service life is 15,000 hours, which is 5-10 times the service life of ordinary UV lamps.
6. The low temperature is safer, and there is no danger of heating of traditional lamps.
7. The sapphire lens is strong and not fragile, and there is no risk of breaking the traditional UV lamp.
8. Compared with chemical disinfection, there is no residue.


1. The environmental research and development studio of the University of New South Wales in Australia introduced advanced technology and obtained national invention patents.
2. The medium is loaded with a polymer photocatalyst, and it cooperates with ultraviolet light to produce a photocatalytic reaction to generate a photoactive oxidation group, which can effectively decompose the cell wall of bacteria and viruses, and solidify proteins, thereby completely killing bacteria and viruses.
3. At the same time, it can effectively remove formaldehyde, TVOC, allergens, mites, etc., and solve the problem of gaseous pollutants and microbial pollutants in the environment.


Rated voltage220V/50HzRated power<105W
Noise25-55dB(A)Product materialABS
MotorShibaura Brushless DCControl methodButton+remote control+timing
Air volume1200m³/hApplicable volume<120m³
Product Size370*400*796mmWeight19kg
Third-party test data
H1N1 flu virus>99.9%Natural airborne bacteria>95%
Staphylococcus albicans>99.9%Escherichia coli>99.99%
Serratia marcescens>99.99%Particulates>99.99%
TVOC>98%Particulates CADR1115.5m³/h
UV intensity32692 μW/c Ozone leakage<0.003 mg/m³
UV leakage0 g/m³TVOC leakage<0.01 mg/m³
PM10 leakage<0.001 mg/m³Standby power1.2W
Particulate efficiency13.94m³/(W-h)Noise25-55dB(A)

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