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Hot Sale Portable Handheld Nano Sterilizer Nano Spray Gun for Various Places



1.Large spray with high pressure water pump
2.Minute spray high quality Nano spray nozzle
3.Wide spray range


1.Nano scale spray
2.Portable hand-held
3.Ultra remote spray range
4.Ultra long standby time

Suitable for use in various places:

Car interior,home environment,office,school,catering and other environment,one spray gun enough.


Product NameNano Sterilize Spray Gun
Product Size228*70*213mm
Product Weight968g
Charge VoltageDC5V 1.5A
Battery Capacity2200mAh
Charging Time4-5hours
Spray distance spray range1.5-2.5m


1.Stainless steel nozzle Infrared sensor

Infrared automatic induction spray,sensitive and rapid spray out in a second,high atomization amount,uniform and strong atomization,comprehensive coverage.

2.Switch Ventilation holes

Elaborately craft,only to give you better.

3.Large capacity of 380ml no need for frequent replacement

With 380ml watering capacity,it can disinfect large areas without stopping to refill.

4.Generic Type-C charging port

Charging fast,safe&reliable.

5.Function selection timing spray fog volume&time regulator

High,medium and low three levels selection,three kinds of timing automatic spray.

6.Human engineering comfortable hold feel

Hander in line with ergonomic design,easy operation,comfortable hold feel.

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