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Surgical electrosurgical generator

Feb. 24, 2022


High-frequency electrosurgery is an electrosurgical instrument that replaces traditional scalpels for tissue cutting and hemostasis. It can cut and coagulate simultaneously and is often used for operations that are difficult to access and perform with traditional scalpels.

Applicable department:

General Surgery; Gastroenterology; Dermatology; Vascular Surgery; Obstetrics and Gynecology, Heart/Thoracic Surgery, ORLENT: Minimally Invasive Surgery (MSI) etc.

Advantages :

1. The cutting speed is fast, the hemostatic effect is good, the operation is simple, safe and convenient.

2. Compared with the traditional use of mechanical scalpels, the use of high-frequency electrosurgery in clinical

Significantly shorten the operation time, reduce the patient's blood loss and blood transfusion, thereby reducing the

Complications and surgical costs.

3. Compared with other electrosurgical instruments, high-frequency electrosurgery is suitable for a wide range of operations,

Easy access to the surgical site, reasonable performance and price.

Operating mode:

The monopolar mode uses a complete set of high-frequency current circuits to cut and coagulate tissue, which consists of a high-frequency generator, surgical electrodes, patient, neutral plate, and connecting wires in the high-frequency electrosurgical unit. The active area is on the current path between the surgical electrode and the neutral plate, and is used in various large and medium-sized surgeries and most endoscopic surgeries. Short circuit is less likely to occur in monopolar surgery, and surgical electrodes are not easily damaged.

The bipolar mode is to provide high-frequency current to the body tissue through the two tips of the forceps, and the damage is smaller than that of the monopolar mode, so it is mostly used for small minimally invasive and delicate operations. During surgery, the two electrodes are often short-circuited, the feet of the forceps are easily damaged, and the tissue is also prone to stick to the electrodes.

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