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Application of Disposable Staplers

Mar. 31, 2022

Application of Disposable Staplers

1. What is a stapler?

The stapler is a clinically used device to replace traditional manual suturing. It uses titanium staples to cut off or anastomose the tissue, that is, fire into the tissue and implant two rows of staggered staples for cross suturing. With the improvement of technology, the stapler has gradually entered the era of the third-generation electric stapler from the first-generation open surgical stapler and the second-generation endoscopic stapler. Studies have shown that compared with manual staplers, surgical staplers Bleeding complications were nearly halved when doctors used electric staplers.

2. Application of stapler

The application field of the stapler is constantly expanding, and it is widely used in cardiothoracic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, hepatobiliary, spleen and pancreatic surgery, general surgery, urology and other surgical fields, which improves the efficiency and quality of the operation and shortens the recovery time. According to structural and functional differences, staplers can be divided into Circular staplers, linear staplers, and endoscopic staplers (minimally invasive surgery under the microscope).


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