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Maintenance method of biochemical analyzer

Apr. 28, 2022

Maintenance method of biochemical analyzer

Daily maintenance method of biochemical analyzer

The biochemical analyzer has some external equipment, such as pure water treatment machine (or distilled water), UPS protection power supply, external computer workstation and waste liquid discharge pipeline.

Before the biochemical analyzer works, it is necessary to check whether the equipment is in good condition, such as whether the voltage is stable, whether the computer and water treatment machine are working normally, whether the waste liquid discharge pipeline is smooth, etc. In addition, the laboratory environment is also extremely important. Temperature and humidity are the key factors that affect the working quality of the instrument and the life of the instrument. An indoor temperature and humidity register should be established, and the table should be drawn every month.

In the operation of the biochemical analyzer, normal power on and off, daily cleaning, sample reagent quantity check, and surface cleaning are all very important.

Targeted maintenance method of biochemical analyzer

This maintenance generally requires a certain understanding of the structure of the biochemical analyzer, and the ability to disassemble some instrument components, such as sample injection needles, quartz cuvettes, etc.

When the biochemical analyzer is used to a certain extent, the sample needle will be blocked (caused by the coagulation of protein in the sample). At this time, the sample cannot be aspirated and the result will be zero. If problems such as pipe blockage occur, causing water leakage and overflow of the instrument, the conventional cleaning procedure cannot achieve the effect, and the components of the biochemical analyzer need to be removed for manual cleaning. Since most of the blockages are caused by protein agglutination, you can physically clear it first, and then soak it with the protein-removing solution of the blood cell analyzer. For rubber pipes, you can soak it with diluted "84" solution. cause rubber aging. Sometimes, the physical bearing resistance of the biochemical analyzer increases, or the noise increases, which is mostly caused by the lack of lubrication of the bearing components. Lubricants can be used, such as medical Vaseline, which is very effective.

Biochemical analyzer replacement maintenance method

This type of maintenance is required when the biochemical analyzer is aging, has a long service life, and is overloaded. At this time, the lamp life expires, the instrument components are too old, and the bearings are severely worn. The solution is to replace the new components.

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