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Operation Lamp Is A Lamp With Special Functions

Feb. 18, 2019

Operation lamp in fact is different from the ordinary lamp is to meet the special requirements of surgery. First, the operating room lighting brightness requirements, two, safe Operation lamping, three, no shadow requirements, four, cold light requirements, five, removable disinfection requirements. Operation lamps include two types: integral reflective surgical lamps and hole-type surgical lamps. Integral reflective surgical lamps are also molecular mother lamps and single lamps; hole-type surgical lamps are also divided into alphabetical lamps and single lamps. Surgical lamps can provide illumination brightness to the operating room. Surgical room surgeons must be able to accurately distinguish the contours, colors, and movements. Therefore, the intensity of light close to the quality of daylight is required, and the light intensity of at least 100,000 lux is required. Operation lamp can provide The single lamp has a maximum brightness of 150,000 illuminances, and the brightness of the surgical lamp can be adjusted steplessly. In the event of a malfunction during the operation, the spare lamp can be switched automatically for 0.3 seconds, so the surgical lamp can provide safe Operation lamping. . Operation lamp through the polygon reflector, to achieve the requirements of shadowless lighting, this reflective surface through the industrial stamping a molding, light reflectance is high 95%, the formation of a homogenous light beam, from the lamp plate 80 cm deep to reach the surgical area of the light beam to ensure surgery The light is bright, without shadows, and remains very even when the surgeon's shoulders, hands and head block some of the light.

Operation lamps are illuminated while the light is on, avoiding heat generation. Shadowless lamps can filter 99.5% of infrared components through a new filter, ensuring that the light reaching the surgical field is cold.

The design and installation position of the surgical lamp and the high standard sealed handle can effectively control the number of pathogens and can be disassembled and disinfected.

Operation lamps mounted on the ceiling shall be provided with one or more transformers in the ceiling or a remote control on the wall to convert the input supply voltage to the low voltage required by most light bulbs. Most Operation lamps have dimming controls, and some products can also adjust the light field to reduce light around the surgical site (reflections and flashes from sheets, gauze, or instruments can make the eyes feel uncomfortable). Operation lamp can ensure that the color temperature is up to 4000 color temperature and above, close to the sunlight, make the color perceived by the eye clearer, and will not make the eye fatigue of medical staff because of long working hours.

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