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Medical Obstetric Bed
  • Medical Obstetric Bed
Medical Obstetric Bed

Medical Obstetric Bed

Model: CNME010808

CNME010808 Obstetric bed is suitable for typical operations such as parturient delivery, prenatal examination, operative abortion and gynecological examination.

Standard Accessories:

A pair of arm resting frame, a pair of leg support frame, a pair of armrest, a pair of pedal foot board.

Note: Made of high quality 304 stainless steel which can be cleaned and sterilized.


●The main and auxiliary tables can be separated and joined up. The auxiliary table is provided with truckles and braking device.

●Various actions of main bed are adjusted by gear and of auxiliary bed are adjusted by ratchet with various complete accessories.

●The bed body and bed surface both adopt high 304 stainless steel.

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