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Basic Knowledge of Anesthesia Machine

Feb. 21, 2019

First, the basic structure of the anesthesia machine:

In terms of working principle, the anesthesia machine consists of four main systems: gas supply and control loop system, breathing and ventilation loop system, clearance system, and a set of system functions and breathing circuit monitors. In terms of basic structure, it includes the following parts:

1. Gas supply device

2. Flow meter

3. Evaporator

4. Ventilation system

5. Anesthesia ventilator

6. Monitoring and alarm devices

7. Anesthesia residual gas removal system

Second, the type of anesthesia ventilator:

1. According to the power source can be divided into: pneumatic, electric, and the combination of the two

2. According to the driving mechanism can be divided into: double loop and pneumatic type

3. According to the periodic mechanism, it can be divided into: constant volume, constant pressure, timing

4. Modern anesthesia machine: constant volume and timed switching

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